Who We Are

Here, we mean ruthless data crunching and reach out to your least potential clients and turn them into ‘gold’.

Rules are what we adhere on the soccer ground; we are driven by methods, because it came with the exposure and a decade of experience in the professional fields.

We envision that every penny spent acquiring prospects by our clients in the past is well paid off.

GetMeRT multiplies your client from the stacked, aged, non-profitable and unconverted leads by nurturing them. We unleash the true power of Big Data to increase sales smartly.

GetMeRT Fortitude

Seriously friendly

Every marketers pal to ascertain his output

Always hopeful

Optimism in every process undertaken


Always ambitious to deliver for our clients


Always guiding and maintaining goal-oriented behaviors


  • " GetMeRT's founder Sumeet has the ability to simplify complicated assignment and get results as desired, that's where his analytical skills comes into picture. With his sound knowledge and temperament, not only makes him a good business head but also a great human being. I've know him for several years and has always seen him striving for more, be it in career of life otherwise."

    Mukesh Dubey Proprietor at Nivesh Realty

  • " I have worked with Sumeet, the founder & CEO of GetMeRT at Skoda Auto and have known him since then. His strategical approach and problem solving skills is what catches my eyes primarily besides his soft and compassionate nature."

    Manoj Baraik VE Commercial Vehicles

  • " I've been interacting with Sumeet for over a year now, handling the digital account at the company where he headed Marketing. One thing I observed is his aspiring nature and not giving up attitude. He always thought aloud on the perspective of innovation in marketing and lead acquisition cost by cutting corners. He only evaluated the customers point of view and if the product would have reached their subconscious level, irrespective of the industry he belonged. He's a complete marketing person before you can associate him with any industry in particular and I am glad to be associated with him even today."

    Mitesh Vora, Owner at Bluehands

  • " I have known Sumeet since 2005, where we both began our career working for Videocon Industries at Aurangabad. I remember his commendable statistical approach with the org-gfk data, was always appreciated for his strategic inferences and kept him ahead all of us. I wish him all the very best, while it also givese me confidence on his success path having choosen a business field that he excelled in."

    Amit Verma, Manager Planning at TAFE